26 Oct 2015

Amber Clark is our newest Licensed Tax Preparer (LTP)!

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VBowles, Inc Team

In Oregon, a Tax Preparer license enables a person to lawfully prepare personal income tax returns in the while working under the supervision of a Licensed Tax Consultant.

What does that take? First, a person has to complete 80 clock hours of basic income tax law education. Then, they have to sit for the Oregon Tax Preparers exam which consists of 200 questions to be completed in 5 hours. They have to pass the tax preparer examination administered by the Tax Board with a 75% pass rate or higher.

On Thursday, October 8th, Amber Clark sat for her exam. We're happy to announce she has passed her test! Effective today, she has her official license from the state of Oregon. Join us in celebrating this huge accomplishment! We look forward to her help preparing tax returns in the upcoming 2015 tax season. Good job, Amber!