27 Feb 2014

2014 Milton Freewater Chamber Awards Banquet

Submitted by Amber Clark
We had the absolute pleasure of decorating a table this year for the 2014 Milton Freewater Chamber Awards Banquet. Patty & I instantly came up with tons of ideas and went into action finding all sorts of fun things to use on our table. We created a gift basket in the middle filled with what we ended up referring to as a “Instant Poker Party” complete with plates, cups, munchies, the poker game, books of how to play as well as a fun movie Casino! We even added some margarita mix and margarita glasses for some added fun (just add Tequila!).

VBowles, Inc table for Milton Freewater Chamber Awards BanquetInstant Poker Party Basket

The night of the event we got all dressed up and were so excited for a fun relaxing evening (considering we are knee deep in taxes!). We walked in with such excitement and were directed to our table where we couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. Our table was barely decorated and this is what we saw…

Broadway Family Dental TableBroadway Family Dental Poster

About an hour into the evening we had walked all around the room completely amazed at some of the tables that had been set up and all the fun gifts that were ready to go home with everyone! We kept whispering how little we had. Then out of nowhere comes the Broadway Family Dental crew with bags!! I admit the joke had been played on us and it had been played very well!! Here’s what we got (can you tell what all was in there?)…

Broadway Family Dental Gift Bag
Okay enough guessing! First what stuck out of course was a bottle of Zerba Cellars wine (YUM) and a goodie bag complete with chocolate, a mug, toothpaste and a pedometer. Well worth the wait we decided! We mingled, we voted on the best table (hey you can’t prove we voted for our own table! Or did we…) and we had fun staking claim on some silent auction items. That’s right I walked away with a couple!
VBowles, Inc's Amber and PattyVBowles, Inc's Patty and Amber SchmoozingVBowles, Inc's Patty and Amber

Needless to say we cannot wait to do it all again next year!!